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  • geeks & kinksters.  For the second time in seven months (okay that's not all that often) somebody has claimed that there's vast quantities of overlap between the geeky & kinky communities.  While most of the kinksters I've encountered are geeky, many of the geeks I've encountered aren't kinky.  I guess it's possible they're just not *out*, but I suspect that's not the thing.  I do suspect that the respective sizes of the communities is relevant, here.  But there's all these cute geeks that I'm disappointed to find don't share my proclivities... (ahem)
  • writing the Other, part zillion: I don't need to write this, because I'm sure it's been written.  The one where you explain to white authors that never explicitly stating the race of your characters doesn't mean your characters are race-less.  Pretending you're not participating in your surrounding culture while not actually doing anything doesn't mean you're not steeped in that culture, y'know?  I guess the only reason I want to write yet another iteration of this is an author I respected tweeted the fallacy and I'm disappointed. 
I may or may not get around to the post where I enjoyed the Johnson and Morden PK Dick Award nominees and then ruminate to what extent does the main character have to rock before you call a Mary Sue...

...but I *will* get around to the writeup of the recent game of Microscope I played at Story Games Seattle, because if I make sure every game I'm in gets written up I can pretend it gives me license to get stroppy about other people's missing writeups. (though I'll post it over there, not over here.)  I want to know what happens in your games, people!

In case y'all were wondering what I was doing instead of posting here.


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