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I hate that 'palestinian loss of land' image that's been going around. Let's erase all evidence of colonialism and then blame the colonized for the mess that's left behind!

Fuck that misleading propaganda. Why let the rest of us off the hook? In 1946, that area was under BRITISH control, and had been for decades. Churchill failed to fix the mess, (and US politicians stirred that pot, too) and his successor handed it over to the UN and asked them to fix it.

Let's not exacerbate the problem by trying to blame all that entire mess on the victims -- whether they be Israeli or Palestinian. Welcome to the aftermath of fucking colonialism, folks. If we're pointing fingers, point them inward. We did this.
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Letter to my senator, who is on the TSA Oversight Committee, which meets tomorrow. I'm sick (again) so I hope this was coherent... )
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Why are senate democrats trying to scare the public option out of the healthcare bill? Could they *really* get away with lifting their support from health care reform?

Huffpo reporter Ryan Grim asks Where is Kent Conrad Getting his Whip Count?

A Politico article from several weeks ago seems to imply it's incoming Dems first elected in '08 who are putting "bipartisanship" above good sense.

I mean, I can find a list of "blue dog democrats" in the House to push on. But in the Senate? We've got 60 votes, people. Neither Kennedy nor Byrd is going to sit this one out, so let's not blame their ailing health for this one.

Why the scary words about us maybe not having the votes?


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