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My preschool-age daughter adores Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade. As I’ve been hunting for more age-appropriate titles with female superheroes for her, I’ve been disappointed with how little I’m finding.

What I have found is four pitched stories that my daughter would have loved, that have not been realized. We’re ready for Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade! Lois Lane, Girl Reporter! Wonder Woman: The Last Amazon! Barbara Gordon, Junior Detective! She’s already noted that the Super Friends comics have way more Batman and nowhere near enough Wonder Woman for her tastes.

Thanks to Comic-Con’s Batgirl and her pointed question we’re all hearing about women at DC. How about the girls? Or are you letting the next generation of comic-book-reading girls go read Marvel Her-oes instead?

(in retrospect, that last bit of snark was probably uncalled-for.)
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I canceled my subscription today. They asked why, and this is what I told them: )

After sending this, I read an interview with Marvel's new Editor-in-Chief in which he says, "it has to come organically. It’s not something you can force." Which sounds like weasel-words to me, ones that say, "even though this problem occurred because people fought for their right to discriminate, we won't fight for your right to be represented."

Fuck that noise. How about, "It has to come organically, from people who really believe it's the right thing to do"? Along with a commitment to fire the assholes who are standing in the way.
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I was a New Mutants fan in the late eighties, and I dipped my toes into the X-Men here and there. And then the franchise started to multiply and I got totally lost, and then I went off to college and read my way through other people's collections of other titles, and finally stopped trying to keep track of any of it and the New Mutants were over by then anyway, which made it harder for me to care.

Twenty years later, after the third time somebody gave me the hairy eyeball when I said my favorite Phoenix was named Rachel, I thought perhaps I should fill in the gaping holes in my experience. I've been reading the nine volumes of Essential X-Men reprints, which the seattle public library has. They're black-and-white reprints of X-Men & a couple of crossovers originally published 1975-1990 (the last one includes Uncanny X-Men #244-264 & Annual #13.)

snipped: long plea for help regarding untangling what's reprinted where, and in what order. )


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