Apr. 24th, 2017

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Hi, Dee-Dubs.

I was over playing with mastodon and noticed I was posting there like I used to post here. Here's got better privacy controls, so maybe I should just start posting over here again? Especially now that we're all deleting our livejournals.

First I should go get those screenshots of my old ElJay account and find all y'all who are over here too but those are on my other computer and I can't be arsed to lug out the gaming laptop right now. Also if I do that there's a good chance I'll get sucked back into Mass Effect: Andromeda and nobody'll see me for a week. BUT I will eventually get around to that. (the screenshots, and ME:A, yes, both, eventually.)

My ElJay friendslist was at least 50% people I met on usenet. And we're all scattered hither and yon, now.

On twitter I periodically go stream-of-consciousness as cheryltz.
On the book of faces I post pictures of my kid, because that's where the grandparents are.
On G+ I talk to gamers, because for all that everybody says google plus is dead dead dead, the gamers are still talking talking talking.
on Mastodon I've been posting like it's LJ-in-2000, and I'll maybe duplicate some of that stuff over here once I remember how filters work.

Missed you, old friends.

And hello, newer friends, some of whom might know me from twitter and therefore have NEVER SEEN ME WITH A TEXT INPUT BOX THIS BIG, *cackle* because I am the QUEEN of tl;dr and while twitter has taught me to be terser I have added this skill, not replaced the old wordy one.


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