Nov. 15th, 2011

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Lately I've been hanging out with a couple of people from the Story Games Seattle meetup & we've been test-driving story games. Thanks to yearly events like GameChef, the landscape of free titles in indie gaming is strewn with titles in their first revision, with only a handful of playtests under their belt. Some of these games go on to do great things, but most of them languish. (the titles available for sale are sometimes higher-quality, but there are no guarantees!)

I'm not temperamentally suited to writing my own games. When I'm engaged in a creative endeavor, I subconsciously expect the step where I show other people what I'm working on to be at the *end*. That's not a good match for, y'know, playtesting? I find I lose interest right around the same time everybody else does (and maybe for the same reason). I get maybe one more version past the first round of playtesting, and then I'm bored. So I can't fault all those v0.1 or 0.2 games out there -- I do the same thing, except I'm too shy to put my efforts up on the internet.  I think I'm going to enjoy playing a bunch of other peoples' unedited works than I would creating my own. 

I'd like to write up a bit about my thoughts on the games we've played -- at the very least, now that we're past three, I keep finding myself missing one whenever I try to make a list of what we've played so far. These commentaries may end up pretty shallow -- for one, they're solely from my perspective. I may see if I can get my co-conspirators to weigh in, but this is primarily an exercise in keeping my thoughts organized.

Anyway, watch this space. No, I'm serious this time, I'm actually going to post something!

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(see previous post on test-driving story games.)

So, starting with the one we didn't finish:  Faust & Friends, by Mendel Schmiedekamp.  Schmiedekamp writes chewy game theory articles and comes out with at least one game a year that seems designed to highlight some particular aspect of gameplay/game design.  This one's clearly about relationships.

my experience playing the game )


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