May. 18th, 2011

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I hate that 'palestinian loss of land' image that's been going around. Let's erase all evidence of colonialism and then blame the colonized for the mess that's left behind!

Fuck that misleading propaganda. Why let the rest of us off the hook? In 1946, that area was under BRITISH control, and had been for decades. Churchill failed to fix the mess, (and US politicians stirred that pot, too) and his successor handed it over to the UN and asked them to fix it.

Let's not exacerbate the problem by trying to blame all that entire mess on the victims -- whether they be Israeli or Palestinian. Welcome to the aftermath of fucking colonialism, folks. If we're pointing fingers, point them inward. We did this.
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Originally posted by [ profile] afro_dyte at what's going on with "tulpa" right now
Let all your LJ followers know that Tulpa, or Anne&Me will be debuting here in NYC at the Robert Moss Theater (440 Studios) on June 2 at 6pm, June 3 at 4pm, June 16 at 8pm, and June 19 at 8:15pm.

You can buy your tickets now by going to

Each show will be followed by a brief post-show discussion. Please come, watch, and share.

If you can’t make it to the show, consider supporting Tulpa by donating the price of a ticket ($18) to Crossroads Theatre Project by visiting or clicking on the Fractured Atlas button below:

Donate now!

Help spread the word! Repost and/or link this via LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blog, and/or other social media.


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